Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lansing CATA Has Apparently Completely Abandoned Maintaining Bus Stops

This was taken this morning along the #1 bus route:

So summer brings Garbage Stops, and winter brings no snow removal. Pretty lousy CATA.


  1. On a related note, I remarked to someone else today how strange I find it that East Lansing (for sure) and Lansing (I'm pretty sure) does not enforce their sidewalk clearing ordinances except by complaint. Why? I don't even like the idea of encouraging people to complain - in any case, they shouldn't have to, the city should just enforce its laws. And an officer dedicated to enforcing the ordinance would probably pay their own salary easily (at least until compliance approached 100%, and then they wouldn't be needed, which is also good).

    1. Absolutely true, there was a lot of posturing about enforcing snow clearing, but I have yet to hear of any actually happening.

      Relatedly, it seems that Lansing has abandoned enforcing overnight street parking slowly over the last decade. I know this because I have had to call enforcement to ticket cars who block our road and drive overnight. The only time they enforce it is when it is reported, it must be reported (called in) between 2am-5am, and then only if officers have time to do it. I read somewhere that East Lansing has something like a $1 million in ticket revenue, seems like a dedicated parking enforcer would more than pay for themselves. I guess Lansing has better things to worry about than making budget money though.

  2. We do live in a city that actually does quite a good job being cyclist, pedestrian, and transit rider friendly - but winter brings reminders that those ways of getting around are still second priority.

  3. There's kind of a salt shortage in the East Side area right now. I can't afford a ticket for not salting my sidewalk when I can't even afford a car to drive and get some.