Monday, July 29, 2013

The Michigan Avenue Garbage Dump

I have been forwarded these pictures from someone who has been documenting this garbage dumping operation downtown on Michigan Avenue behind their CATA bus stop. Annoyed at the mess, they started documenting the garbage being strewn around the property. New pictures were added this week. The full album of pictures and descriptions can be found online here:

Album description:

This dumpster is located in-between properties at 1504 and 1510 Michigan Avenue. It has been seen at this location directly behind the CATA bus stop for at least the last 6 months, where I have often seen a man emptying a hauling trailer contents into it. It appears to be nothing but a trash hauling operation located on Michigan Avenue. These are pictures taken from the CATA bus stop directly in front of it, and the same view you will see from the street. Found on Google Maps, an image before the CATA bus station was moved from the front of the Heart Center with the dumpster located in the pictures: The CATA bus stop was moved last Fall (?), so this has been going on for almost a year at least, probably longer. A garbage dump leading up to the capitol of Michigan is probably not the best image for Lansing to be putting forth. Reported to city council member through email on 7/15/13. Premise inspector sent out afternoon of 7/17/13. That is the last I have heard. New pictures added since.

City council has been made aware of it and inspectors have been sent out, but nothing has come of it yet. I'm pretty sure operating a trash hauling operation requires some permits and such? If so, and if it is legal, it would be interesting to know who approved the Michigan Avenue garbage dump?

Lansing michigan avenue garbage dumpster

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