Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Angry "Artists" Spread Shitty Graffiti Message on the Capital

Thursday morning, the night after the horribly and absurdly planned "Haunted Art" event was supposed to take place (but was shut down by the city attorney), poorly drawn graffiti appeared on the capital building and memorial that includes two crudely drawn stick figures and the phrase "give art a chance."

Surprise, it's no coincidence. If you want a good laugh, read through the Facebook event for the Haunted Art Exhibition. Reluctantly canceling the event, the organizer decided instead to organize a late night stickering campaign across Lansing stop signs Wednesday night. They also state in the City Pulse article that he "planned piece at the Capitol that could very well get him arrested for vandalism". Hmmm...

Luckily, the LPD can follow these very elusive breadcrumbs, and according to the organizer's Facebook page have already interviewed him and seized his laptop. He hasn't been publicly named as the suspect, but it's pretty safe to assume. If he wasn't personally responsible for the graffiti, he at least knows who did among his organized (or unorganized) crew on Wednesday night. According to MLive, the case has been forwarded to the county prosecutor’s office this week which most likely result in prosecution this week.

This is obviously some grade school level drama queen cry for attention bullshit. So, why do I care? Never-mind the fact that the graffiti is just bad to begin with, I have been involved in the art scene in Lansing for over a decade, and to watch some junior high school level artist come and shit all over it is incredibly offensive. If you want to be an artist in Lansing, why not give Lansing a chance? There are plenty of legitimate places to plan artistic events, there are plenty of legitimate places to solicit your art. If you cannot find a place within the Arts community of Lansing, perhaps the Arts is not a field you should be going into.

If you are just looking to stir shit up and get your name out there, then Kudos! I sincerely hope it ends in your arrest.

*Edit:  It looks like the arrest was made, City Pulse reports.  They also update saying that he admits to doing the graffiti (posting from the future, Wednesday the 20th).  The City Pulse never should have given this bipolar hack any attention for this, and I never should have given him the blog space.  Hopefully this is the last we hear from Jeffrey Scott Handley (aka "Geoph Aldora Espen").


  1. Well now, that was almost interesting. Look at this SITE though. All of your links point to a very obvious sociological fact. You're just a pissed off hipster, really, not quite a cynic.

    And, for the record, at least they fucking TRIED. What the FUCK have YOU done? (That's Minor Threat, there, flash. Also see: Admit It, by Say Anything)

    Stay the FUCK off of my Reddit with your shallow bullshit.

  2. You're quoting Minor Threat to make a point, and he's the hipster. What's wrong, couldn't come up with a more obscure quote to argue for your cancelled art bash? Uh-hmm...back to mom's basement with you neckbeard!

  3. Anyone who quotes Minor Threat in the same breath that they reference Say Anything has clearly never listened to Minor Threat. Go away and let the adults talk.

  4. 1= Random Redditor
    2= Site Owner
    3= Site Owners Friend/ Site Owner
    4= Random Redditor Returning to laugh:

    It's the last generations greatest 'faux pas',they think the sudden ability to look up Everything only applies to them. Like making the rules to a game in your favor (See: Calvinball, only Evil), judging undeniable logic by 'considering the source' is a dying theme.

    You should shut this blog down, the less than thousand people who look at it are going to be poisoned by anger. And, if you knew me, that's saying SOMETHING.

  5. Wow, you really know how to quote stuff, but not how to actually use it conversation. You are like a well trained almost literate parrot who has no idea what he is saying. I can only assume you are one of the artists involved in this.

    So why is it that you hide behind the anonymity of this blog, rather than post on Reddit? Oh right, because you didn't want to get down-voted into oblivion.

    And is that an anonymous threat? Gasp. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

  6. 4= Random Redditor butt-hurt about being called out.

  7. Agreed, Anon up there seems defensive, makes me think its his piece.

    So to Anon: Listen, I'm very lax on my definition of art. In fact, I think art is so subjective, I consider what you did as art. But that doesn't mean its good art. It doesn't even mean its kind of good. It doesn't mean I like it, it doesn't mean Lansing likes it, and it doesn't mean you're not a complete idiot for doing what you did. You fucked up.

    And I used to tag shit and stencil, so I get the thrill of it. But even street artists follow a code. Good ones anyway. Thou shalt not hit up things that are already art. That is a toy move. You hit up a beautiful statue and building and you basically pissed on it. There are plenty of sad looking blank walls in Lansing, but you knew what a high traffic beacon it was and you went and trashed someone elses incredibly laborious work. Your tags are like ugly parasites on a gorgeous host, screaming 'look at me, look at me! I'm here too!'

    As for your message. Give art a chance. If you understood what you just did, you would see why I think you don't give two and a half fucks about art. Embarrassing.